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Every dollar helps us help them!

Ways to Donate

Locations around Winnsboro with Donation Jars

Winnsboro Animal Shelter - 835 Hope Lane
Winnsboro City Hall - 501 South Main
Dairy Queen - 700 South Main
Tractor Supply - 801 East Coke Road
Network Technologies - 316 North Main
Copperleaf - 209 North Main
Clara Ida Frances - 219 North Main 
Beauweevils - 205 North Main

Ma's Cafe - Hwy 11 in Leesburg

Monetary donations may be made at Winnsboro City Hall,
501 S Main Street, or at Broadway Bank located at 500 South Main Street or any other branch in the name of the Friends of the Winnsboro Animal Shelter.

The Winnsboro Animal Shelter also has an Amazon Wish List that you may order items and have them shipped directly to the shelter. You can find the list here.

These items may be brought to the Winnsboro Animal Shelter at 835 Hope Lane.

  • Dry and canned pet food

  • Clumping Cat litter

  • Cleaners (bleach & detergents)

  • Towels/paper towels

  • Blankets/sheets

  • Newspapers

  • New or gently-used pet shelters


The Winnsboro community and all of our sponsors have been very generous throughout the years in supporting the shelter!  Without the continued support of each of our donors, we would not be able to continue and improve the things that we can provide for the shelter and the animals that are outside of the City of Winnsboro’s budget. Because of your support, we have been able to accomplish the following:


  • The purchase of two 42” Super Power Commercial Indoor air curtains (keeps

          the flies and other flying insects from entering the building at the entry
          doors. ($617.02)

  • The purchase of a 50” Stainless Steel Pet grooming bath with walk-in ramp

          and accessories ($1850.00)

  • The purchase of a custom made 15 unit cat cage ($3500.00)

  • The purchase of a Stainless Steel 6 unit system for the quarantine room


  • We are able to fully vet each animal that comes into the shelter with a full

          veterinary exam including heartworm testing, worming, spay and neutering,
          rabies and other inoculations as necessary. Any animals testing positive for
          heartworms are treated and cared for until they are ready to be adopted.
         These exams/medications cost an average of $2500.00 per month.

  • We are able to cover veterinary fees for surgeries on animals that require it,

         helping our shelter keep euthanasia to a minimum. ($2,000.00/quarterly)

  • Keeping the food pantry full with pet food and cat litter.

  • Cover expenses as needed for such things as new cat cages, cat cage trays, cat litter boxes, dog/cat toys, stainless steel water pails, bowls and more.

Other ways to help:
  •    Volunteer opportunities

  •    Legacy gifts (Bequests, Life Insurance, etc.)


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