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​About Us...

The Friends of the Winnsboro Animal Shelter became a 501 (c) (3) organization in June 2015.  We are made up of individuals who care about the dogs, puppies, cats and kittens that have been lost, stolen or abandoned in our community.  We also care about those that have been surrendered because the owner has moved away or cannot take care of them any longer.  Most of these pets end up in our local animal shelter and we are here to help the shelter help them by raising funds to cover medications for Heartworms, Fleas/Ticks and Parasites;  Vaccinations for the deadly Parvo Virus  to keep disease out of our shelter;  Veterinary care and surgeries. By doing this and getting/keeping them healthy, these pets have a good chance of finding a “furever” home.


The funds raised have been instrumental in saving the lives of pets that have been brought to the shelter in many ways.  We used funds to save “Shooter”, a black lab that had been shot and left to die.  We paid to have his leg amputated and he now has a wonderful home and doing well. Funds were also used to save “Muffin”, a Cocker mix, who was brought to the shelter with eyes so infected that she was blind, the only way to save her was to have her eyes removed which we paid for and she has been adopted into a wonderful, loving home.


We want the shelter to be in really good condition so we also raise funds for equipment they need and cannot afford. We have purchased equipment for the shelter such as the computer program that connects our shelter with shelters throughout the US which helps lost pets find their owners or new homes; purchased all new stainless steel bowls and water buckets for each dog kennel; purchased stainless steel cat bowls for food and water; purchased cat cages; purchased the stainless steel 5 cage unit for the quarantine room ($2500) and recently purchased a stainless steel tub with steps, making it easier for the larger dogs to get into the tub and the shelter personnel not having to pick them up ($1850); funding a website for the Winnsboro Animal Shelter/Friends of the Winnsboro Animal Shelter; funding an information card to hand out with information about the Winnsboro Animal Shelter and WFAS.


Denise Miranda, Chair
Nina Browning Proctor, Secretary/ Treasurer
Judy Branton
Sandy Sariego

Sandy Jaynes

Kristie Bryan

Patti Gearner

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